Docker Mail Server

Meet Axigen — all-in-one mail server, calendaring, collaboration, with smart admin interfaces and state of the art WebMail, all packed into a single Docker image.

Install Now

CentOS 8 based Docker image with
Axigen pre-installed and pre-configured.

Why Axigen is the right Docker mail server for you

Simple to deploy, yet extremely flexible, Axigen performs impeccably for home use, in lab / dev environments, and in heavy traffic setups with high number of users

All-in-one email, calendaring & collaboration

Axigen comes fully featured by nature — SMTP, POP3, IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, WebMail, WebAdmin & CLI.

From single server to clustered deployments

Versatile in deployment ranges — single-tier to highly available and / or clustered, multi-tier architectures.

Free or commercial versions available

After you get Axigen up and running, as part of the initial product configuration you will be able to choose our free 5 users license or a 60-day trial one (all features enabled for 60 days).

Administration flexibility is the keyword

Make use of public folders, groups, or aliases and route emails the way you need. Build your AntiVirus and AntiSpam protection by integrating with proven solutions. Extend with configurations and scripting.

Managed Let’s Encrypt certificates

Generate Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates within the product and let Axigen worry about their renewal.

24x7 awesome customer support

Available for commercial licenses — round the clock, 2h average response time.

State of the art WebMail

Just a simple fact — over 60% of our customers’ end-users have adopted the WebMail as their single client of choice

Administration flexibility

How Axigen makes it easy for email admins to set up and maintain an efficient email service

Effortless administration with Axigen WebAdmin

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Powerful admin and provisioning tasks automation.

Multi-layer branding gear

Set up a default brand to be used by the WebMail / WebAdmin interfaces. For the WebMail, you have the option to override this at domain level.

Manage & share team mailboxes

Gear up team collaboration via shared folders, groups, or public folders with permissions for multiple users.


Speed up the new users onboarding for IMAP, POP3, SMTP, ActiveSync, and Outlook Connector. Configurable via CLI.

Let’s Encrypt certificates

Generate and auto-renew your free certificates through the Axigen WebAdmin or CLI interface.

Delegated Administration

Define admin groups and admin users with specific permissions on specific domains.