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Email technology at its best.

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Flexible Licensing

Starting from 150 users. Extra users available in packs of 5. Monthly billing based on your actual usage.


Front-line business email users

Starting from

$ 0.14

per user / month
  • Email, Contacts


Office-based business email users

Starting from

$ 0.27

per user / month
  • Email, Contacts
  • Calendars, Tasks, Notes


Intensive business email users

Starting from

$ 0.60

per user / month
  • Email, Contacts
  • Calendars, Tasks, Notes
  • Mailbox & Folder Sharing
  • Exchange ActiveSync


License-level protection

Starting from

$ 0.20

per user / month
  • High Performance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Bitdefender AV / AS Engine
  • Fully Embedded in Axigen

New Customer Acquisition

Opening new markets

Providing new sales opportunities

Premium Features for Your Premium Customers

SMEs are in great need of premium email features like groupware and communication mobility to keep pace with today’s business dynamics.

The selective activation of the premium email features for the Premium Users in the Axigen license offers high flexibility and optimization options for your services costs.

Pro vs. Premium vs. Basic Users interchangeable statuses with features to be activated based on specific usage / activity criteria.


Prep Your Business for the Market Dynamics

Use Axigen's deployment flexibility and get your share of the market

Commercial flexibility is nowadays a must have of business strategy. It requires you to choose the right tools that provide enough flexibility both technical and commercial to best face the market dynamics.

The good news:
Axigen email technology flexibility

  • Axigen behaves impeccably in all
    deployment infrastructures.
  • You can deploy it in your private cloud, or deploy it
    on-premise for your most demanding customers.
  • There’s no additional knowledge
    required to implement one or the other.
  • Use your Axigen in cloud as a backup service for your
    most demanding customers and generate new income.
  • Save your migration services costs
    using the Axigen Auto-migration Tool.

Secure Recurring Revenue

Great end-user experience

Minimize your churn rate

Increase your customer satisfaction

Capitalize on the real added value Axigen can offer, by increasing customer satisfaction, offering a premium email, calendaring, and collaboration solution to your customers.

Increase Efficiency in Using Your Resources

Optimize hardware usage

With the Axigen cloud-native mail server, you will have up to 50% better hardware usage.

Technical knowledge available

High level expert knowledge available as Axigen Team comprises technical experts with extensive experience in Service Providers’ technical challenges.

About the Product

Axigen is specifically built to provide you with fast and reliable service provider messaging, leveraging on advanced, proprietary architectures such as Axigen SmartProcessing™ (reduces email processing time to a minimum) and Axigen UltraStorage™ (ensures an effective space management, preventing service downtime or loss of data even at highest traffic peaks).

  • Multi-tenant
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Server, as well as with many Linux flavors.

  • Automatic Migration Tool
  • Integrated WebMail and WebAdmin clients.

  • Delegated Administration

  • High Scalability and Reliability
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Highly configurable platform — can also be integrated with third party billing / provisioning systems via API.

  • Groupware & Collaboration

    Calendars, Tasks, Notes, mailbox & folder sharing

  • Smooth integration with most used email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, or eM Client.

  • Multiple, customizable branding and advertising options
  • Integration with an external LDAP-based server

  • Archiving (intra-domains, external for compliance)

  • WebMail, POP3, and IMAP Proxy services available

  • Built-in email security powered by Bitdefender. Plus, virtually any AntiVirus / AntiSpam application integration capability.