Axigen Features

Need some specific product capabilities? You've come to the right place.

Administration (Web Based, Command Line)

Remote Administration via WebAdmin

Web based, comprehensive, secure admin interface

Automated Operations

Through CLI (Command Line Interface) and CLI API

Persistent WebAdmin Sessions

Axigen's WebAdmin sessions are persistent cross-restart

Domain / Server / Cluster Email Distribution

Send emails to all users

Services Availability per Account

SMTP / IMAP / POP / WebMail

User Groups

Similar to forwarders

Overquota Notifications

Set usage notification thresholds via email or webmail popups


For SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ActiveSync, CalDAV & CardDAV

Automatic Trash & Spam Folder Cleanup

Automatically purge old messages in Spam or Trash

Random Account Password Generation

Generate a random password on new account creation

Secure Password Enforcement

Account password policies (letters, numbers, special chars)

Automatic Account Creation from LDAP / AD

Use your LDAP / AD for account provisioning

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Generate and auto-renew Let's Encrypt certificates via CLI or WebAdmin

WebAdmin Interface Branding

Brand your WebAdmin interface using your logos, favicons, and brand name

SSL Certificates Management

Generate CSRs, upload certs, create and renew self-signed or Let's Encrypt certificates

Account Classes

Configuration Groups

Different service levels for basic and premium users

Sending / Receiving Restrictions

Restrict email sending / receiving to specific email addresses

Dynamic Configuration Inheritance

Quotas and restrictions are inherited and can be overridden

Queue Management – Smart Processing

Queue Management

Queue filtering and actions on selected items

Virtual Queues

Separate queues for each remote domain

Built-in TNEF Decoder

TNEF messages decoding via the built-in Axigen TNEF Decoder

Cached Queue / Hashed Structure

Retry Policies

Routing Policies – Smart Processing

Virtual Routing

Assign different outbound IP addresses to each domain

Built-in DNS Cache

Cached DNS query responses

Reporting and Statistics

Server Statistics

Traffic Statistics

Data Collection & Export

Graphic Charts

Over 100 customizable charts for all monitored parameters

Detailed Storage Reports

Aggregated / per-domain disk storage and usage information

SNMP Service & Prometheus Metrics

Metrics exposed as SNMP values and in Prometheus format

Log Server

Multiple Log Levels

Per Service Log Files

Remote Log Collection

Dedicated Security Audit Log

Prevent brute-force attacks by monitoring failed login attempts and blocking the IP addresses. Requires integration with dedicated solutions like Fail2Ban (for Linux) or RdpGuard (for Windows).


Indexed Data Structure

Transactional Access

Expandable Storage

Email Deduplication

Single storage of emails with multiple recipients

Storage Auto-compacting

Container level auto-compacting in server idle time

Repair Corrupted Accounts

Storage Overload Prevention

Domain Renaming

User Options

HTML5 Ajax WebMail

Our awesome WebMail client with desktop-like usability

Standard WebMail

Legacy interface for old browsers and slow internet connections

Mobile WebMail

Quick email access from mobile phones

Address book

Contacts, Groups, and Distribution Lists
Personal, public and domain

Multiple Languages and Skins

Supported by the WebMail and the Standard WebMail interfaces

Personal Organizer

Calendar, Tasks, Notes


Remote POP3 connections

Rules and Filters

Email rules engine

Out-of-office Messages

Account Aliases

Individual Blacklists

Personalized Signatures

Each user can define up to 4 signatures

Overquota Notifications

Get notified when the mailbox is close to quota

Hide My Email

Use a temporary alias / email for accounts, neweletters, etc.


For SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ActiveSync, CalDAV, and CardDAV

Conversation View new

Email threading / grouping by conversation

Labels Support new

WebMail labels and IMAP permanent flags support

Mobility & Sync

Push Email & PIM Synchronization

Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® Connector

Calendar Sync via CalDAV

Supports Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows

Contacts Sync via CardDAV

Supports Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows

Mobile WebMail

Quick email access from mobile phones

Security / AntiVirus / AntiSpam

Axigen AntiVirus & AntiSpam

Intelligent, Real-time Premium Content Filtering.
Incoming and Outgoing Email Protection.

Powered by Bitdefender.

Learn more about the Bitdefender world class scanning technology

Score Based Content Filtering

Configurable AntiVirus & AntiSpam thresholds

Milter Support

For integration with third-party security applications

Multi-filter Support

Support for combining multiple AntiVirus / AntiSpam filters

Server, Domain & User Level Filters

Multiple filtering levels with different policies


Only accept / relay email from authenticated senders

Access Control IP Whitelisting / Blacklisting

Only accept emails from trusted IPs / hostnames


Temporarily reject incoming messages from untrusted senders

Email Whitelisting / Blacklisting

Only accept emails from trusted senders

Identity Confirmation

Built-in challenge / response AntiSpam system.

Country Filtering

Filter emails based on sender country via an IP-to-country DB

Selectively Restrict Max. Messages Size

Based on message or connection parameters*

Open Relay Blocking

ESMTP APOP, AUTH login, CRAM-MD5, PLAIN authentication

Restrict Max. Concurrent Connections

SMTP Peer Reverse DNS Lookup Validation

Originating Domain MX Validation

Sender Validation

SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

Message Integrity Validation

DomainKeys / DKIM compliant

Secure Connection Policies (SSL / TLS)

Enforce connection level security


Multiple authentication methods available for secure / unsecure connections, enforceable for specific sources or destination domains

Attachments Filtering

Block messages with attachments by specific extensions (e.g. .exe files), or just remove the attachments

Security Policies

Support corporate governance rules or different service levels for users

Let's Encrypt Certificates

Generate and auto-renew Let's Encrypt certificates via CLI or WebAdmin

SASL Authentication Support

Secure Password Enforcement


In-product DNSBL support, topped up with Axigen's
premium blacklist services — aDNSBL & aURIBL

Email SMTP Server

Extended SMTP Support

SMTP Routing

Activity Logging

Encryption Support

Authentication Support

Access control IP Whitelisting / Blacklisting

Usage Restrictions

Connection Control

Processing & Routing Policies

Message Acceptance Policies

Restrict the size, number of recipients, or received headers per email message

Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS)

Enables email auto-forwarding with full SPF compatibility

Security Policies

Message Appender

APOP Authentication

Management of Incorrectly Folded Email Headers

Activity Logging

POP3 Email Access

APOP authentication

Activity Logging

Encryption Support

Authentication Support

Access Control IP Whitelisting / Blacklisting

Usage Restrictions

Connection control

Subfolder Support

IMAP Email Access

IDLE Support

Activity Logging

Encryption Support

Authentication Support

Access Control IP Whitelisting / Blacklisting

Usage Restrictions

Connection Control

Public Folders

Internationalized Search

WebMail Access

Ajax WebMail Right-to-left (RTL) Support

Export / Import Contacts


Dynamic Loading / "Refreshless" Updates

Keyboard Navigation and Shortcuts

Smart Attachment Management

Service Levels for Basic and Premium Users

Built-in HTTP Server

Activity Logging

Encryption Support

GSSAPI Authentication

Access Control IP Whitelisting / Blacklisting

Usage Restrictions

Connection Control

Available in 29+ languages

Multiple Themes

Folder Management

Domain Specific WebMail Templates

Rules and Filters

Delivery & Read Receipts


Define and use multiple signatures

Preview Pane

Horizontal / vertical views available


Remote POP3 connections for external email accounts

Out-of-office Automatic Replies

Internationalized Search

RPOP Templates For Yahoo! Mail, Google Mail, and

Public Folders

User-level Whitelist

User-level Blacklist

Dark Mode new

Dark mode support with optional automatic switch

HTML Filtering

Eliminate malware contained in HTML email bodies

Overquota Notifications

Get notified when the mailbox is close to quota

User Archive

One-click archive according to the user's archiving preferences


Applies for Move, Copy, Delete, Archive, and Mark as spam

Undo Send New

Unsend your email, correct it, and then resend it

Schedule Send New

Schedule your messages to be sent later, at the perfect time

HTML Composer

Use rich formatting; add inline images, emojis, or @mentions

WebMail Branding

Brand all WebMail interfaces — globally or per domain

Delivery Receipts

Request and send delivery receipts for outgoing messages

Conversation View new

Email threading / grouping by conversation

Web Personal Organizer

Calendar, Tasks, Notes

Meeting Requests

Assign Tasks

CalDAV Support

Access to calendar and tasks from supported clients

Multiple Reminders for Calendar Events

Address Book

Domain contacts / public contacts / personal contacts

CalDAV: Multiple Calendars & Calendar Sharing

WebMail: Gregorian & Persian Calendar Support

WebMail: Multiple Calendars & Multi-day Events Support

Shared Folders and Permissions

Shared Folders

Permissions on Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes Folders

Permissions on Public Folders

Send Emails on Behalf of Other Users

In addition, when using the WebMail, users can even choose the sender from a list of available "From" email addresses

Availability (Free / Busy) Information from Other Users

Mailing List Server

Email Based Subscription and Unsubscription

Subscriptions Approval / Rejection

Expandable Templates for Body Begin and Body End

Posting Moderation

Configure List Subject Prefix

Activity Logging

Automated List Interaction

Access to Mailing List Archive through WebMail

Clustering Support

Multi-tier Setup Frontend & Backend

LDAP Authentication and Routing

SMTP Routing to Backend

POP3 / IMAP / WebMail Proxy

RedHat Cluster Suite Integration

Cloud Native Kubernetes Cluster Deploymentnew

Learn more on how to deploy an Axigen cluster on K8S with AxiHelm

HAProxy Protocol support new

Propagate client IPs using an HAProxy Protocol aware load-balancer

Cluster Auto-join new

Have new nodes automatically join your cluster via an existing node

Cluster Configuration Using Hostnames or IPs new

Use hostnames or IPs when defining the nodes part of a cluster

Delegated Administration

Multiple Administrative Users

Administrative Groups For Simplified Management

Server Level Permissions

Domain / Subdomain Level Permissions

Domain / Subdomain Level Restrictions

Limit maximum number of users, maximum quota per user, etc. an admin may configure

Delegated backup

Delegated administrators may download backups of their domains


Seamless Upgrade from Previous Versions

Storage content is automatically upgraded from the previous version on the first run

Migration Tools (IMAP based)

Manual Account Migration over IMAP

Automatic & Transparent Email Migration

From legacy IMAP servers

Calendars / Tasks / Notes / Contacts Migration

Migrate PIM data from Kerio Connect or Communigate Pro

Backup and Restore

Online Backup of Accounts and Messages

Full or Partial Restore

Restore only one domain, account, or even email folder

Delegated Backup

Delegated Administrators may Download Backups of Their Domains

Server Infrastructure Features

Innovative Architecture with Integrated Services SMTP / IMAP / POP / WebMail

MPA (Multi-platform Architecture)

Multi-threaded Mail Engine

IPv6 Support

Concurrent User Access to Resources

RFC Compliance

SNI (Server Name Indication) Support

Multiple SSL enabled virtual hosts for the WebMail service, each on with its own certificate, on a single IP

Authentication / Authorization

OpenLDAP / Active Directory

LDAP authentication

LDAP based routing

Accounts and groups synchronization

OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect new

OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect authentication support for WebMail and the Mailbox API; see how to set up OAuth / OpenID Connect auth for WebMail, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP


API for External Filtering

Templates for WebMail Interface Customization

Mailbox API new

Build your own clients or integrate with an existing app via Axigen's Mailbox API

* Message and connection parameters for security policies: Originating host's IP, ports, greeting; Originator's email address, domain or username; Recipient email address, routing information; Message size, headers, number of recipients; Connection security level (SSL / non-SSL); Authentication information; Session statistics (total mails sent, total size); SPF interrogation result; etc.