Download Automation Tools

Admin & provisioning automation scripts via Axigen's CLI
The archive contains the backup and restore tools that can be used to perform incremental backup. These tools are written in Python and work on Linux and Windows platforms.
30 KB download
Script that uses the CLI module to set a number of attributes for a bulk
account list.
5 KB download
Imports accounts from a specified file, one account per line.
3 KB download
Adds addresses from a a file (each line containing "email@address full name")
to a specific mailing list.

3 KB download
This Bash script is using the FTP service to get all forward and redirect rules configured for all accounts from a specific domain.
Dependency note: it depends on LFTP
6 KB download
Adds a local account to a specified mailing list from the same local domain.
2 KB download
Renames an account.
2 KB download
Creates an account in a specific domain.

3 KB download
Updates and shows the database status of Kaspersky components integrated in Axigen.
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Reset LDAP association and force (optional) accounts and groups updates.
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ftp-backup.tar.gz ftp-backup.tar.gz
Shell script that simplifies the Axigen backup procedure.
Its purpose is to help system administrators make full or incremental backups
of the Axigen storage. It makes use of the FTP-Backup service to save and
restore information. IMPORTANT: Please use this script only with Axigen
version 6.2.2 and 7.1!
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Queries a LDAP server for fetching a list of accounts and displaying them in a
specific format. Created and tested for Active Directory.
3 KB download
Lists or deletes the accounts that have not logged since a number of days.

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Axigen CLI Control Module

This module implements the base CLI class to be able to transparently access
Axigen's CLI commands via methods, along with some useful methods to process
the data returned by the standard CLI class commands.

In order to be able to use this module, please copy it either into the same
directory as the script that imports it, or in a directory from

54 KB download
Script that searches for patterns in each account personal data. Search is
being done in the attribute names. For example, searching for businessAddress
will return all the accounts, because all of them contain this keyword as

3 KB download
Script that uses the CLI module to display all accounts within a domain, a list of domains, or all domains. It can also display the first and last names, accounts aliases, and account registry information.
16 KB download
Verifies if an email address exists locally in Axigen.
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log-parser.tar.gz log-parser.tar.gz
This is a tool to help system administrators and support engineers identify and isolate errors in either a "default.txt" log file or a maillog. It can scan a log file for any known (handled) errors and save the sessions separately, it can break down the log into sections based on the service type and can save all the sessions matching a given pattern.
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Removes one or more accounts from Axigen.
2 KB download
Run CLI commands separated by pipe ('|')
Dependency note: -
Recommended installation path: /opt/axigen/scripts

./ "update domain|list accounts"
CLIRESPONSE=0 ./ "foreach domain|foreach account|config contactinfo|show|back"
11 KB download
Script that populates a group with a set of addresses found in a file given as
parameter, with an address on each line.
4 KB download
webmail-popup-at-mail-sent.tar.gz webmail-popup-at-mail-sent.tar.gz
Use this files in order to have a popup displayed after each mail was successfully submitted.
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