The Axigen Cloud Native Solution

Docker & Kubernetes based Mail Server for Service Providers and Telcos


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What you’re looking for

As a Service Provider, your needs are clear: efficiency, security, and profitability, all built in a mail server environment that caters to thousands of domains and hundreds of thousands of mailboxes.

The solution you’re using right now may not be up to standard. Whether you’re using an open-source solution that isn’t scalable or are looking to lower your overhead with a fully automated mail server solution, you deserve a secure, feature-packed email hosting service over which you have complete control.

Customer Loyalty

Subscriber ARPU

Customer Churn

Business Costs

What you need

Designed and architected specifically for high-volume service providers and their customers, Axigen provides the advanced web and mobile mail server solutions that service providers need.

Introducing the Axigen Cloud Native Mail Server

Managing a large-scale email solution is costly and complex. Axigen’s Cloud Native solution runs on the latest Docker containers and Kubernetes technology and will help you save money, boost your security, and free up more time for you to focus on what matters most to your business.

Full Automation

Automated storage increase and processes that repair, scale, and deploy your system far faster than humans can.

Increased Agility

By providing DevOps and Sysadmins with a powerful framework to manage, run, and maintain email server software.

Infinite Scalability

Lightweight containers = optimized infrastructure and application architectures that can be scaled-out with efficiency and high performance.

Elevated Performance

The highest density of hosted mailboxes per hardware unit that allows engineers to maintain and evolve email applications at high velocity.

100% Security

An API approach to email security is smarter and able to adjust and improve protection in a way that’s unique to your business.

Why should you run your mail server on Docker or Kubernetes?

Axigen Mail Server software enables you to build and grow your hosting services the way you want: on a standalone Docker container or as part of a multi-node email platform on Kubernetes.

Why Use Docker?

Docker takes over the responsibility of configuring the environment and standardizing the deployment pipeline. This gives you faster deployment and scaling time.

Faster Setup

Using Docker or containers is far easier to set up and configure than doing so on bare metal.

Ready-to-go Images

Axigen’s Docker is a production-ready, vendor-supported container image.

Why Use Kubernetes?

Kubernetes simplifies the deployment process for your application and provides tools to make your application super robust.

Separate Storage from Compute

Separate compute from storage in Kubernetes patterns by leveraging Axigen’s existing storage definition flexibility.

A Distributed, Consistent Storage Application

Highly managed and maintained Pods using StatefulSets.

Run a standalone email server on a Docker Container with Axigen

Using Axigen, you can easily start a container with a complete pre-made and fully supported email platform for each of your managed customers in the cloud of your choice:

Your own on-premise



Elastic Container Service


Docker on Azure


Containers on Compute Engine


Run a multi-node email platform on Kubernetes with Axigen

The Axigen multi-tier architecture is a perfect fit for a multi-tenant shared email service, all built on a flexible, scalable, and automatable email platform.

Pre-made Helm Chart

  • Easily start and scale out any cluster
  • Automated cluster provisioning
  • Prometheus / Grafana integration ready
  • & more

Private / Public Self-hosted
Kubernetes Cluster

  • Easily start and scale out any cluster
  • bundle available
  • RedHat OpenShift
  • & more

Private / Public Vendor Managed
Kubernetes Cluster

  • AWS Kubernetes
  • Azure Kubernetes
  • DigitalOcean Kubernetes
  • OVH Kubernetes
  • & more

Kubernetes Compatible Platforms,
for Persistent Storage Use

  • Windows mail server on AzureCeph
  • Windows mail server on bundle available
  • Windows mail server on DigitalOceanZadara
  • & more

Increase efficiency and reduce business costs with the Axigen Cloud Native Mail Server


Why every SysAdmin can just commit and push

Absolute control when you need it, zero hassle when you need to be focusing on your business. Everything growing businesses need from email:


Control every aspect of your Axigen mail server from your web browser, with no Apache / NGINX or SQL database needed.

AntiMalware & AntiSpam Technology

Powered by Bitdefender and Axigen GrowSecure™.

Message Encryption

Modern-day security tools ensure that your data is always secure & accessible.

Simplified User Adoption

Bring in your users faster with granular Auto-discovery support and LDAP / Active Directory integration.

24/7 Customer Support

Top-notch tech support from real humans — not to mention they’re highly skilled.

Designed to increase Customer Loyalty

Give your users a whole lot more of the features they really want:

Secure & Reliable Email

Easy to use WebMail interface, first-class support for Outlook, and phone and tablet support.

Shared Email Folders, Calendars, Tasks, and More

Book meetings, share email folders, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes.

Group Working Features and Productivity Tools

Create project folders, manage support tickets, set up autoresponders & more.

Secure Communications and Junk Free Mailboxes

Highly effective spam and virus protection, secure connection protocols, and encryption options.

In the beginning, we tended to compare everything. We soon found Axigen to be superior in all aspects.

We found Axigen to be a powerful email server software with smart features designed to make email management clean, transparent, and effortless. We are happy to offer our customers excellent end-user experience for their email service, both desktop and mobile.

David Armstrong

New Product Development Manager