Tech Support & Assistance

Extend your confidence in Axigen to the people that stand behind it. We support you around the clock with an unbeatable response time.
87% of our customers rate Axigen’s Tech Support as higher quality compared to the one of other companies they’ve experienced.


For Businesses & Channel

On top of our online resources — documentation, knowledge base, and community — count on our reliable support engineers available round the clock, with an average response time of less than 2 hours for all types of issues.

For Service Providers

Get your preferred level of services, from GoLive assistance to Managed services, then add the support pack that suits you — whether it’s basic assistance or premium support via email or phone, it’s all 24x7 and tailored to your needs.

Our customers about our support

Here’s what some of them are saying

I've recently had to take advantage of Axigen's technical support services.

Their response was rapid and the replies I received were detailed; and while I hope I don't have to call on them too often, I was impressed so I will not be dreading it if I do.

Alex Browning

Axigen runs 24x7 without fault and if you need configuration help their tech support is 24x7.

This means we've reduced our man hours to support our hosted email platform by around 90%.

David Banes

Before Axigen, [...] when issues arose, we would spend valuable time searching for answers on the Internet.

The support we get from Axigen is the best we have experienced in the software business.

Mike Towery

Confidentiality — If, while benefiting from technical support or assistance, Axigen customers send information such as configuration, architecture, logs, or other information to the support team, these details will be treated as private and confidential and will only be used to identify and solve the reported problems.

Support expiration — Axigen customers are eligible for technical support provided that they have a valid Software Maintenance & Technical Support subscription. If the Maintenance & Technical Support subscription renewal is not ordered before the current subscription's expiration, the missing months have to be purchased on renewal. Maintenance & technical support fees are based on updated list prices, as valid in the moment of purchase.