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Axigen Free Mail Server - A Great Alternative to Open Source

This article discusses the features and benefits that the Axigen Free Mail Server offers compared to open source solutions. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the factors that IT and Business managers should consider when choosing a messaging platform, particularly addressing the needs of small to medium sized businesses.


Integrating Axigen with Instant Messaging

This article is a comprehensive walkthrough of integrating instant messaging services in the Axigen Ajax WebMail interface. The solution presented in this document is mainly addressed to smaller enterprises and Service Providers.


AntiVirus & AntiSpam email scanning / The Axigen-Kaspersky approach

The present document offers a comprehensive analysis of the ways to secure corporate email systems. It provides an expert opinion on the available approaches, architectures and deployment options for implementing security applications in the email infrastructure, while keeping a special focus on the benefits of using the integrated Axigen-Kaspersky solution.


Identity Confirmation - Challenge / Response anti-spam filtering with a twist

This article performs a comprehensive analysis of Axigen Identity Confirmation(c) - a Challenge / Response-based anti-spam system embedded in the Axigen solution. It is a pertinent presentation of the concept, characteristics and benefits entailed by Identity Confirmation in the context of the overall existing Challenge / Response anti-spam filtering technology and the way it has been, until now, approached and made available to the general public.


Axigen AJAX WebMail Third-party Web Content

The white-paper discusses the features and benefits that the Ajax WebMail interface of Axigen Mail Server offers in terms of third-party content delivery, including their impact on user productivity, targeted information delivery, creation of value added services or advertising.


Hosted Hosting: Should Service Providers Go Hosted?

The article explores the "hosted hosting" concept, performing a pertinent analysis of the benefits entailed by the use of hosted services as a Service Provider, the pitfalls of adopting this paradigm / business model, and factors that providers should consider when thinking to build their offerings on services hosted by a third-party.


Axigen Integration with Veritas Cluster Server 5.0

This article is a comprehensive walkthrough of the integration between the Axigen Mail Server and the Veritas Cluster Server, version 5.0. Specifically, this analysis provides anyone looking to integrate Axigen with the Veritas Cluster Suite with an expert opinion on the process itself and the steps to be taken for optimal, rewarding results.


Email Clustering and Cloud Email Services

This white paper performs a comparative analysis of the two concepts governing the present and the future, respectively, of the IT industry: the older, already-proven technology used in Clustering systems today, and the new trend of Cloud Computing; with a special focus on the development of email services.


An Osterman Research White Paper: AXIGEN, the Alternative for Exchange

This comprehensive whitepaper from Osterman Research explores the dynamics of the messaging market, while conducting a comparative study of the AXIGEN Mail Server and Microsoft Exchange solutions. Based on the analysis of various deployment scenarios, AXIGEN stands out as the alternative of choice to Exchange, including in what overall performance, speed, total cost of ownership (TCO), scalability and security features are concerned.


AXIGEN Mail Server & eDirectory Services Integration

This article focuses on the integration between the AXIGEN messaging solution and the eDirectory Services product developed by Novell. Specifically, by following the steps described herein, you will be able to allow the user authentication process to be outsourced into eDirectory. This simplifies credential management and ensures password consistency across multiple applications and network services.


Introduction to Innovative Mail Filtering with AXIGEN

A comprehensive white-paper on AXIGEN Mail Server's Milter protocol-based filtering and the benefits of using it in conjunction with various security applications such as SpamAssassin and ClamAV, or with the MIMEDefang tool. The filtering process is performed right at SMTP level, thus saving server resources that would otherwise be wasted on non-critical messages such as unsolicited emails, spam and virus attacks.


Mobile Email Solutions Using Push Email & PIM Synchronization

In today's fast marketplace, service providers and companies of all sizes turn to mobile email solutions to increase productivity and stay ahead of competition. This whitepaper introduces you to Axigen Mail Server's advanced mobile email services that can help you manage your business more efficiently by offering instant access to mission-critical information regardless of time and location.


AXIGEN Compliance with E.U. and U.S. Data Retention Policies

Complying with the laws in force regarding data retention and preservation is a must for virtually any company offering publicly available electronic communications services or public communications networks. By reading this article, you will get acquainted with the E.U. and U.S. data retention policies and learn how to deploy and maintain a fully compliant messaging solution while preserving user privacy.


Expand Your Mail Server to Suit Your Needs

The AXIGEN messaging solution can be expanded to provide external applications with the information required to perform advanced tasks in a very productive and cost effective way. Learn more about AXIGEN's expansion methods (such as filter integration, using provisioning interfaces, WebMail integration and expansion) by reading this informative article.


Is Your Mail Server Talking Back to You?

The whitepaper overviews the advantages of using reports for monitoring your email server's health and introduces readers to the new and improved reporting engine of AXIGEN Mail Server v6.2, with a special focus on its benefits for both Service Providers and companies of all sizes.


AXIGEN Reporting Service Configuration & Integration with Cacti

This extensive article describes in full details how to properly configure the AXIGEN reporting service, including the steps for adding AXIGEN activity charts, configuring the SNMP service and integrating the AXIGEN reports within the Cacti network graphing solution.


HA Messaging Solution Using AXIGEN, Heartbeat and DRBD

This white paper discusses a high-availability messaging solution relying on the AXIGEN Mail Server, Heartbeat and DRBD. Solution architecture and implementation, as well as benefits of using AXIGEN for this setup are all presented in detail.


A White Paper on AXIGEN by The Radicati Group

A comprehensive white paper on AXIGEN, issued by the leading technology research firm, The Radicati Group. The white paper reviews the strategic importance of email messaging systems in today’s business environments and presents AXIGEN as a best in class messaging solution designed to address the requirements of both Service Providers and corporate market.


Combating the Increasing Cost of Email

The white paper explains how implementing the AXIGEN Mail Server can help businesses significantly reduce the costs of their email communication while continuing to provide users with a best-in-class messaging and collaboration solution. Overall costs, server security, collaboration features and ease of administration are just a few of the criteria of the analysis.


Integrating the AXIGEN Mail Server with Mailarchiva

This white paper describes the integration of the AXIGEN Mail Server with the Mailarchiva archiving solution. It explains the benefits of the integration, how it pro-actively addresses the issues arising for businesses of all sizes that work towards complying with IT Governance standards and concepts, as well as the step-by-step integration procedure.


AXIGEN Comparative Benchmarks

The article analyzes the results of independent tests performed by PC Magazine Romania comparing the AXIGEN Mail Server against two open source alternatives, Sendmail (with Dovecot) and Postfix (with Cyrus).


Smart Work Flow Powered by Delegated Administration

The article outlines the benefits of using a mail server with delegated administration features for ISPs and large companies. Such features allow the prevention of human errors, a faster update time and a better management of available hardware resources


Insourcing the E-mail Service

The article reviews the benefits of hosting your own e-mail server, as compared to using an outsourced e-mail service. It also describes the main steps to install and configure such an in-house e-mail messaging system, in terms of software and hardware requirements, as well as other aspects and tips one should take into account when deciding to insource the mail server.


How to Install a Demilitarized Zone for Your Servers

A guide to understanding the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) concept and the ways to implement it on a server. The article also includes useful tips on how to increase the security of such setups, with a special focus on the Linux/*NIX-type systems.


What to Do if You Are Blacklisted

A How-To addressed to those who have found themselves in the situation of being blacklisted. The article presents both general data about blacklists, as well as useful and more detailed recommendations about getting removed from such blacklists.


How to Avoid Being Blacklisted

The article describes what blacklists are and some of the most effective ways to prevent being blacklisted. All in a simple, step-by-step procedure.


Deploy the AXIGEN Outlook Connector via Active Directory

The article presents the steps needed to deploy the AXIGEN Outlook Connector on a set of machines for which the user does not have local admin rights, therefore focusing on the process to deploy onto the computers via the Computer Configuration GPO (Group Policy Object) settings.


Introduction to Antispam Practices

The article focuses on how to prevent the growing losses caused by unsolicited email messages. It presents the most widely used spam preventions methods, such as host control solutions and Antispam application, while pointing out the important part played by user education.


AXIGEN Efficiently Fights Viruses and Spam

The White Paper describes 8 different ways AXIGEN Mail Server system administrators can choose and combine in their fight against viruses, spam and other current threats. DomainKeys, a wide range of Antivirus and Antispam applications, Routing Policies, these are a few of the protective tools AXIGEN has to offer. To find out more about them and about alternative methods to ensure a full proof security, feel free to read further into the article.


Shall we contact tech support?

Do we need technical support? And if we do, when exactly do we need it and which is the most appropriate support channel? The article describes the situations one might run into, the available choices when it comes to getting technical assistance and a few tips for improving communication in such situations.


Protecting the AXIGEN Messaging Solution with TrendMicro

A detailed guide explaining how to integrate the AXIGEN Mail Server with TrendMicro's IMSS. The article presents the procedure requirements, the installation steps for the applications, their interconnection and the needed behavior configurations. It also presents the caveats users should keep in mind during the integration procedure.


Protecting the AXIGEN Messaging Solution with NOD32

A step by step procedure explaining how to integrate the AXIGEN Mail Server with NOD32. The article presents the requirements of this procedure, the installation steps for the applications, their interconnection and the needed behavior configurations. It also presents the caveats users should keep in mind during the integration procedure.


SIEVE Language for Mail Filtering

A quick guide to understanding the SIEVE language that helps you implement it in your mail filtering system. The article describes an extremely flexible filtering methodology that broadens the filtering options generally provided by mail servers or Anti-spam/Antivirus applications.