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* That’s the Bitdefender one.

Axigen AntiVirus / AntiMalware and AntiSpam

Intelligent, Real-time Premium Content Filtering. Incoming and Outgoing Email Protection.

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We are highly committed to ensuring that our customers have access to the best security tools. This is why we have included the Bitdefender AntiMalware & AntiSpam premium security layer in our security solutions portfolio.

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Across 5 continents

30 Billion

Daily threat queries from hundreds of millions of sensors worldwide



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400 Threats

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Undo Send

Something wrong with that email you’ve just sent? You can now simply undo send, make your changes and then resend it.

Schedule Send

Never hit “send” at an odd hour again! Compose your messages and schedule them to be sent later, at the perfect time.

Optimized Indexing

To smoothen the upgrade to X5, the existing search index will be migrated; plus, we’ve optimized the running of the indexing jobs.

More Mailbox API

To allow API clients to persist cross-client data, we’ve added a new set of endpoints managing client specific settings.

Supported Versions

In accordance with our End-User License Agreement (EULA), we usually provide full support for the two latest major versions.

Nevertheless, due to the early release of Axigen X5, which was intended to replace Cyren with Bitdefender and maintain uninterrupted AntiVirus and AntiSpam services, we are making an exception: until Axigen X6 is launched, we will be extending support to the three most recent major versions: Axigen 10.5.x, Axigen 10.4.x, and Axigen 10.3.x.

Important Upgrade Information

If you are upgrading from X3 or older, the sort and search indexes will be migrated to the new version. In addition, a new conversation index will be computed and built. Depending on your storage size, these jobs are expected to last a few hours and will require a storage capacity increase of up to 10%. WebMail and IMAP user access is conditioned by the sort indexes, while the conversation indexes are only used by the WebMail. Until they are created, users will be able to use the WebMail in mail view.

If you use Cyren or have manually upgraded to Bitdefender before X5, please note that after upgrading to X5, a new license will be required to activate Bitdefender. The new license will be emailed directly to the license holder.

The upgrade process for X5 differs based on the presence of an active Cyren service and / or manual Bitdefender upgrade. Here you can find instructions on how to upgrade to Axigen X5.