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Focus on the content that really matters with the new conversation view

Jay, Diana, Me
12:48 PM
Welcome to Axigen
Dear Friend, Thank you very much for your interest in Axigen
Stuart Cook
11:35 AM
Quarterly marketing review meeting
Hello team, Please save the date for the previous quarter rev
Diana, Me
Yesterday, 08:50 PM
Hi guys, Long time no see — I was hoping we could get toget
Welcome to Axigen

Jay Parker (
To: Me

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for your interest in Axigen.

Beyond conversations support, the new X4 also introduces Dark Mode, which you can switch to automatically or let the WebMail do it for you.


Organize Emails by Labels

Manage your labels and apply them to your emails and conversations. Search by label or define rules to get your labels automatically applied based on various criteria.

Express Yourself with Emojis

Add more feeling to your emails and notes with the new built-in emoji. Quickly select from your list of recent ones or search for the right emoji by using specific keywords.

Refer Others via @mentions

Add friends or co-workers to your conversations by @mentioning them while composing — type an “@” followed by a character and quickly choose from your contacts via auto-complete.

Create Rich Content Faster

Format your content faster, plus add inline images using the new, dedicated button and the redesigned HTML editor toolbar, now offering an optimized user experience.

Admins & Developers

Cloud Native Kubernetes Packaging

Kubernetes cluster deployment option through the newly developed Axigen Helm Chart

Axigen’s new RESTful mailbox API allows you to build your own clients or integrate your user experience across platforms.

New Mailbox API

OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect auth support for WebMail and the new Mailbox API; plus, you can now define and use multiple auth connectors.

HAProxy Protocol Support

Get client information propagated across the cluster nodes on all services when using an HAProxy Protocol aware load-balancer.

Extended Sieve Filtering

Extlists and variables support, provisioning via server level templates and CLI, versioning for upgrades, and user level on / off filter presets.

Clustering Improvements

New clustering configuration, also allowing new nodes to auto-join and a new option to use hostnames instead of IPs for the cluster nodes.

Push Notifications Generator

Enable the new push notifications generator hook and then further deliver them to your gateways by using an external queue processor or creating your own custom one.

New Platforms Support

Kubernetes (via AxiHelm)
Red Hat Enterprise 9
CentOS Stream 8 and 9
Rocky Linux 8
Alma Linux 8 and 9
Oracle Linux 9
Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS
Windows Server 2022
Windows 11

Important Notes & Upgrade Information

Back up before upgrading. Axigen X4 starts a series of storage upgrade jobs. As always, we strongly recommend you to perform a full Axigen backup on your current version before the upgrade.

Performance impact on initial index creation / upgrade. This version has a number of index changes: the sort indexes have been modified and will be recomputed at upgrade time; in addition, we have introduced a new conversation index — used for the new conversation view — which will also be computed in sequence, after the sort indexes. These upgrade jobs are expected to last a few hours (depending on your storage size) and will require a storage capacity increase of up to 10%. WebMail and IMAP user access is conditioned by the sort indexes, while the conversation indexes are only used by the WebMail. Until they are created, users will be able to use the WebMail in mail view.

Kaspersky End of Life. Starting with X4 (10.4.0), Kaspersky AntiVirus and Kaspersky AntiSpam are no longer available. We recommend Kaspersky customers to switch to Axigen AntiMalware & AntiSpam (powered by Bitdefender). Contact our sales team for a commercial offer.

Outlook Connector End of Life. Starting with X4, the Outlook Connector will no longer be supported. We've put a lot of additional effort in the Axigen WebMail, which is now our main recommendation in terms of clients. Alternatively, for users who still want to stick with Outlook, you can use it via IMAP; for calendar support, some of our end-users are already using the CalDAV Synchronizer plug-in.

Custom WebMail themes. As part of the new Dark Mode support, we've introduced significant changes to the existing WebMail stylesheets, including an extended range of colors. If you're using a customized WebMail theme, you will have to extend and adapt your customizations to also apply in Dark Mode.

No longer supported platforms. The following platforms are no longer supported: CentOS 7, CentOS 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Oracle Linux 7, OpenSUSE Leap 15.1, Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS, OpenSUSE Leap 15.3, Debian 10, Windows Server 2016.