Ex3tra features & improvements
for on-prem, hosted, or hybrid solutions


New Email Search

Faster and more efficient search, through emails and folders, in Advanced and Quick Search

Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) support

Enabling email auto-forwarding with full SPF compatibility

Simplified WebMail Styling Using SCSS

Skinning has never been easier, using new color variable dissemination

Enhanced Auto-migration

Populate Axigen with the data from your previous solution while keeping the existing IMAP subscribed folders

MILTER V6 Support

Allows integration with RSPAMD and OpenDMARC

Prometheus Integration

Collect Axigen metrics directly from Prometheus, making use of Grafana for charts and alerts

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS support

and many more small
improvements and bug fixes

Important Upgrade Information

An important part of this update is the completely re-implemented WebMail styling, using SCSS. We’ve reworked the stylesheets so that customizing your WebMail is faster and easier. As a result, all previous WebMail customizations will have to be re-implemented to match the new SCSS format.

For the new search functionality, the search and sort indexes have been redesigned using a new technology. The re-creation of the new indexes, as part of the upgrade process, is expected to last a few hours (depending on your storage size) and will require about 30% temporary additional storage capacity during the upgrade process.

We recommend upgrading at night or when there’s low system usage. Once the upgrade is complete, the total storage use will be lower than before, as the new indexes are lighter.

Check out the new Axigen X3 Update 2 webmail demo webadmin demo

Why your email server needs Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS)

The Sender Rewriting Scheme improves the deliverability of emails that fail the SPF check at the final external destination after they are forwarded.


How to Search Email — The New Email Search in Axigen X3 Update 2

Improve your productivity: learn how to search emails using the new Axigen webmail search function.


Advanced WebMail Skinning in Axigen X3 Update 2: Re-implementing Webmail Styling Using SCSS

We’ve changed our webmail styling implementation to make the process easier. Here’s what you need to know about webmail skinning in Axigen X3 Update 2.