Product Roadmap

A quick glimpse into our future product plans

Axigen X6

Estimated release: Q2-Q3, 2024

Password Recovery & 2-Step Verification via SMS

Allow your users to use SMS for 2-Step Verification and account recovery.

Add Zoom / Teams Details to Online Meetings

Allow your users to connect their Zoom or Teams accounts and add online meeting URLs to their calendar events.

BIMI Support

Display the brand logo instead of the avatar for BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) authenticated emails.

WebAdmin Refresh

A refreshed WebAdmin interface, including support for dark mode and mobile devices.

Starting with Axigen X6, the Standard WebMail interface will be discontinued.

In the Works / In Planning

Not yet assigned to a specific release

New Mobile WebMail & Mobile Apps

New Mobile WebMail experience and Axigen mobile apps for Android & iOS.

Admin Email Address Usernames

Allow admins to use email addresses as administrative usernames

Admin Password Change

Allow admins to change their password from WebAdmin

ExperimentalWebMail File Storage & Sharing

Integration with an external file storage / file sharing platform

WebMail, Mailbox APISort Address-book by Frequency

Address book auto-complete based on sending frequency