Product Roadmap

A quick glimpse into our future product plans

Upcoming Version: Axigen X3

Estimated release: Nov, 2019

2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification for WebMail using TOTP authenticator apps (e.g. Google Authenticator).
Can be disabled, optional, or enforced as mandatory for a given account class or account.


TLS 1.3 support

Support for TLS 1.3
through OpenSSL 1.1.1


WebAdmin: SSL certificates repository

Manage your SSL certificates from a single place; generate Let's Encrypt certificates from WebAdmin


CalDAV: Multiple Tasks folders

Expose multiple (personal, public & shared)
Tasks folders via CalDAV


CardDAV: Multiple Contacts folders

Expose multiple (personal, public & shared)
Contacts folders via CardDAV


New installation flow

New, WebAdmin based configuration wizard
that speeds up the initial install.


WebAdmin: Deep linking

Redirect back to the previous section when logging in after session expiry; access the WebAdmin sections via direct links.


In Progress

Not yet assigned to a specific release

In the works

WebMail: Conversation view

Deployment option for macOS & iOS clients

SNI support for IMAP, POP3, SMTP

CalDAV: Calendar push for Apple devices

WebMail: Calendar search

WebMail: Refactored email search

Experimental: WebMail file storage & sharing
integration with an external solution

ActiveSync: Basic MDM Options —
Device approval, Remote wipe, Device PIN enforcement

Axigen Migrator: Public folders migration

Calendar resources