Mail server, calendaring & collaboration

For Business

Manage your email, organize and share calendars, sync your mobile, all based on this secure Windows or Linux mail server. The perfect answer for businesses of all sizes.

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For MSPs

Acquire new customers by offering a premium email server solution with a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to automate it within your existing infrastructure.

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For Service Providers

Offer your customers secure, business-level email hosting with various value added services. An excellent solution for SPs, suitable for thousands to millions of users.

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A collaborative Linux mail server that fits you

Axigen is quite knowledgeable — out of the many hats it wears, take a peek inside and choose what fits you.

Next level Web clients

Manage your email and get stuff done easily with calendars, tasks or notes. Enjoy desktop usability in your browser via keyboard navigation and shortcuts, drag-and-drop, "live" email list view, frequent folders, email filters, out-of-office messages, individual blacklist / whitelist.

Simply in control

Manage day-to-day server operations via Axigen's comprehensive WebAdmin — designed for optimized navigability, with quick links and contextual help. Automate your Linux mail server's administration and provisioning using the Command Line Interface (CLI).