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Jun 03, 2024

How to Update Axigen Based on Your Version and Platform

Updating Axigen has evolved over time to meet the needs of our diverse user base, ranging from small deployments with a handful of users to large service provider clusters with millions of users. This post provides a detailed guide on the update procedures for different platforms, centralizing all relevant information to help you determine the best update method for your specific case.


Legacy Update Scripts — Axigen X3 (10.3.3.x)

Initially, Axigen updates were delivered as binary patches up to version 10.3.3.x. In response to customer feedback, we introduced update scripts for easier updates on single server installs.

Transition to Package-Based Updates

From version 10.4.0 onwards, Axigen updates are distributed as RPM / DEB / MSI packages. This change aimed to simplify the update process and make scripts unnecessary. However, some customers requested update scripts they could add to their crontab. They also found the automatic backup feature of the scripts very useful. Therefore, we developed new scripts to facilitate this transition while maintaining the benefits users appreciated.

New Update Scripts — Axigen X4+ (10.4.x, 10.5.x)

To continue providing an easy update experience, we created new scripts compatible with the package-based updates.

Important notes on the new scripts:

  • Major versions: The new update scripts do not support major version upgrades (e.g. from 10.4.x to 10.5.x) to prevent unintended upgrades.

  • Cluster compatibility: The scripts work for Axigen clusters if the folder structure is maintained and need to be run on each node individually. They do not work on DRBD-based clusters.

  • Binary and package manager consistency: If the binary version differs from what the package manager reports or you are using a debug binary, the update will not proceed and will recommend contacting support.

Docker and Kubernetes Updates

Updating Axigen in Docker and Kubernetes environments utilizes their native update mechanisms to ensure seamless integration and functionality. Detailed instructions for these platforms can be found in the Axigen documentation:


We always recommend using the latest Axigen version for optimal security and functionality. Regular updates ensure your system remains robust and feature-rich. 

By following these scripts and guidelines, you can effectively update Axigen to maintain a secure and efficient mail server environment. For detailed procedures and script downloads, please refer to the provided links.

For any additional assistance, our support team is ready to help. Free Mail Server customers can take advantage of the Axigen Community for support.