Setting Up OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect Authentication for WebMail, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP

Axigen Documentation

Starting with Axigen X4, you can authenticate in the Axigen WebMail using OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect.

However, as IMAP / POP3 (and SMTP) clients have not yet adopted OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect as a standard, you don’t have this option out of the box. This causes a problem for end-users as they would need two different sets of credentials: one for the WebMail and another one for their IMAP / POP3 clients.

This article describes a configuration that allows users to use a single set of credentials for authentication with Axigen, an authorization server (we’ve used Keycloak to illustrate the configuration), and LDAP.

OAuth / OpenID Connect support is available starting with Axigen X4 (10.4).

1. Axigen: Add an LDAP connector to be used for authentication

Open your WebAdmin and go to ClusteringClustering Setup. In the LDAP Connectors tab, click the Add Connector button.

2. Axigen: Set the authentication to use the LDAP connector

Click the Routing and Authentication tab and change the Authentication Type (applies to all services) section.

3. Keycloak: Add the LDAP provider

In the User federation configuration page, click Add new provider and configure the newly added LDAP provider.

Make sure you configure Keycloak to map all the fields you need for authentication to the respective LDAP attributes. This can be done from the Mappers tab in your LDAP provider. Below you can see a sample mapping:

4. Keycloak: Add Axigen as an OpenID Connect client

In the Clients configuration page, click Create client and configure the Axigen OpenID Connect client.

5. Axigen: Add an OAuth (OpenID Connect) connector

Connect to Axigen’s CLI interface and add an OAuth connector (OpenID Connect) using commands similar to the ones below:

6. Axigen: Use the OAuth (OpenID Connect) connector for WebMail auth only

In Axigen’s CLI interface, use commands similar to: