Axigen Identity Confirmation

Challenge / Response AntiSpam Filtering At Your Disposal

Axigen Identity Confirmation © is basically the implementation of a Challenge / Response-based anti-spam method. It blocks unwanted messages from reaching your Inbox by intercepting incoming emails and requiring new senders to confirm their identity, without any effort from your part.

Identity Confirmation Video Demo

How it works

The Identity Confirmation system compares the sender of each incoming message against the contents of your Address Book. As a result:

  • If the sender appears in the Address Book, the message comes through, as expected.
  • If the incoming message originates from an unknown address, the Challenge / Response system sends an auto-reply email designed to confirm its authenticity. Once the address in question is verified, the message is delivered appropriately, as are all subsequent messages from the same sender.

What makes our system different

  • All the received, yet unconfirmed, messages are permanently available for your inspection, without them crowding your Inbox, as they are stored in a specific "Unconfirmed Messages" folder.
  • The confirmed senders are automatically added to your "Collected Addresses" contact folder (part of your Address Book).
  • The validation code is at your disposal to change whenever you want to.
  • You can configure the number of days to be skipped when sending the confirmation request to a sender.

The principle behind

While a Challenge / Response request can be easily fulfilled by a real person, it can hardly be performed by a spammer, on the following grounds:

  • Legitimate senders have a valid return address while spammers usually forge a return address. This means that most spammers won't get the challenge, which results in them automatically failing any required action.
  • Spammers send email in large quantities and would have to perform Challenge / Response actions in large numbers, while legitimate senders would only have to perform them once for every new email contact, at the most.

Even if activated, this mechanism is, of course, not enforced for the users already in your Address Book, or present in your White list / Safe senders list.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Should you want to receive emails from certain automated mass mailing tools (that, naturally, do not posses the ability to fulfill the Challenge / Response request), you need to make sure that you add them to your Address Book or Safe senders list, prior to activating the Identity Confirmation system.