Axigen Working Directory

Axigen Documentation

The Axigen working directory path depends on your operating system:

  • For Linux: /var/opt/axigen/

  • For Docker: /axigen/var/

  • For Windows: C:\Program Files\Axigen Mail Server\

The Axigen Working directory also includes the following:

  • bitdefender/ – This folder contains the configuration files for Bitdefender

  • domains/ – This folder contains domains-related files. For each domain a new folder is defined and within each folder contains the domain storage, object storage and message storage files.

  • filters/ – This folder contains all the filters defined at the server, domain or account level. The smtpFilters.script file (SMTP Policies are defined in this file) is also located in this folder.

Starting with Axigen X4 (10.4), the AFSL filter definition files on Linux installations are no longer in the Working directory; they are located in the /opt/axigen/ directory.

  • log/ – This folder is used to store the log files.

  • queue/ – This folder is used to store email messages received and enqueued.

  • reporting/ – This folder contains files that the server uses to render reporting charts.

  • run/ – This folder contains the Axigen Mail Server current configuration file.

  • serverData/ – This folder contains server storage and administrative users related information.

  • axigen_cert.pem – This file contains a self-signed certificate that can be used with SSL-enabled services.

  • axigen_dh.pem – This file contains the Diffie-Hellman key, required in order to use ADH and DHE ciphers for SSL.