Axigen Configuration File (axigen.cfg)

Axigen Documentation

The default location for the main Axigen Mail Server configuration file, axigen.cfg, is dependent on the OS platform on which the mail server is installed. Based on these details, the default reference to this path will consist of:

  • For Linux: /var/opt/axigen/run/axigen.cfg

  • For Windows: C:\Program Files\Axigen Mail Server\run\axigen.cfg

The axigen.cfg file includes the complete specification for Axigen Mail server configuration. Besides containing configuration data specific for Axigen modules, axigen.cfg is also used for specifying the primary domain for Axigen server (primaryDomain).

Using axigen.cfg, you have access to all Axigen Mail Server configuration parameters. Using a text editor, you can manually edit the parameter values and modify the server configuration. The configuration file also contains information on default and possible values and a short explanation for each parameter.

The same options are available when using WebAdmin, except that changes to the configuration are made through the web-based GUI. Detailed information on how to configure each parameter and information on its functions are given in the Configuring Axigen using WebAdmin subsections.

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