Command-line Parameters

Axigen Documentation

The following command line parameters are available in the current version of Axigen Mail Server. These parameters are common to all platforms.

  • -h, --help – Print help about command-line parameters and exit.

  • -v, --version – Print the version currently installed and exit.

  • --foreground – Run the Axigen Mail Server program in foreground.

  • --drop-core path – Specify the full path (maximum length is 240 characters) to an existing directory where to drop the core (section in memory containing relevant information about resident processes). This is useful in case of errors causing the program to exit. No default value is set, meaning the core is not saved by default.

  • -L, --license filename – Server license key (LK) binary file. Default to 'workdir'/axigen_lk.bin.

  • -A, --admin-passwd password – Set the "admin" password in server registry and exit.

  • -K, --check-configuration – Check configuration files, report errors and exit.

  • -u, --user username – User's name who executes the server. Default to "axigen'.

  • -g, --group groupname – Group's name who executes the server. Default to "axigen".

  • -ulimit-n Min=1024, Max=100000 – Maximum number of open file descriptors. Default to 20000.

  • -m, --ulimit-v Min=512, Max=4095 – Virtual memory limit in MB. Default to 0 (inherited from environment).

  • --mem-reserve Min=12, Max=1024 – Memory used by memory manager module in MB. Default to 200.

  • --max-respawns Min=0, Max=30 – Maximum number of accepted faulty processes per minute before exiting. Default to 10.

  • --gen-cert certpath [dhpath] – Generates a self-signed certificate and optional a Diffie-Hellman key.

  • --gen-cert-cn certCN – The Common Name to be included in the SSL certificate.

  • --rmtuning level – Configure resource manager behavior. Possible values: lazy, normal, aggressive, paranoia.

  • --stop-timeout – Maximum time to wait for a child process to stop (in seconds).

  • --debuglevel – Sets the debug level for the debug log file which will be generated while running.