Configuring the WebAdmin Customer Reference as Read Only

Axigen Documentation

For integration purposes, Axigen allows you to define a customer reference for each domain — read here about configuring the "Customer Reference" field in WebAdmin.

In some cases — usually setups involving multiple (delegated) administrators — you might want to make this field read only, so that it doesn't get altered by mistake while it's provisioning is handled automatically, from a third party integrated system (e.g. billing).

In order to do this, you need to manually edit one of the WebMail configuration files, as follows:

  1. On the disk, go to Axigen Work Directory / Webadmin / private 

  2. Edit config.hsp and replace this line


  3. Reload / restart the Axigen service or connect via CLI and just restart the WebAdmin service.

Now the "Customer Reference" field will appear as read only.

Please note that this customization needs to be reapplied when upgrading your Axigen to a newer version.