Cross domain calendar sharing


since I see no reason to open a support ticket - I was wondering if Axigen X2, or any version for that matter, allow sharing the Calendar between domains that are within the Axigen server.
In this link it is not confirmed nor denied if such a capability is supported.
Also here, the lack of answers, really…

An answer would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.


Within link 1 this is at least not explicitly denied.
Sharing resources over multiple domains is not as easy as it sounds, since a domain is an isolated, unique entity - being held in it’s own containers (Be it a bunch of tables in a DB or a separate file storage). Sharing resources between 2 such entities means authentication somehow needs to take place for both domains ( The domain the user comes from and the domain the shared resource is in ) - Also not easy. Especially not, if you want to keep it secure too.

So, as was proposed in the “Feature request” (Link 2) : One could use aliases and host all users in one domain, using aliases to be able to use different domains.

Hello Letesterus,

Please know that we are not currently support inter-domain sharing and it seems that, due to not very much votes on this FR (here), it is not on our “radar” for next features to be included on the Axigen Road Map.

Nevertheless, if there will be more interest for this feature than we’ll probably take into consideration.


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Thank you Ioan, for one very clear reply. Unfortunately, this is bad news :neutral_face: