Export a list of all groups


I’m absolute noob with Linux and Python and I don’t understand anything. But I need to export a list with all groups and their members. We don’t have mailing lists, just groups. So far I managed to export a list with all users, using “list-accounts.py” script but I don’t find such script for groups export. Is there such an option?

Hello Ivan,

You may use the run-cli.py helper tool (from here) and if you place it in the /opt/axigen/scripts folder you may get the requested information like:

# /opt/axigen/scripts/run-cli.py 'foreach domain|foreach group|LIST Addresses' | grep 'UPDATE \|@'

Note: before running you may change the CLIPASS variable from that Python script with your Axigen admin password or you may specify the password as the second argument on the command line