How to configure POP3/SMTP/iMAP setting (newbie)

I am new to Axigen and i find it difficult to find the right information to setup Axigen to receive and send mail from Ziggo.
I have several mail accounts and want to bring them to one place. Also i “need” a server to send mail/messages from internal server

I would like to send/receive mail from 1 central point and also to read mail external from my iphone.

In other mail serves (Kerio) i was used to setup a user account and connect the pop/smtp settings to this user account. But within Axigen i cannot find the setting for imap/pop/smtp setting with ziggo settings (

Hello Niek,

Axigen is offering at this moment only the possibility to “read” (actually it will download in your local account) external messages via POP3 protocol - more details here and here (for admin) and WebMail > Settings > Remote mail (for end-users).


If i understand correctly, i can only “read” from external pop3 account to Axigen, but cannot send?

exactly, the SMTP is not covered by Axigen remote mail feature.