Last Login Detailed Info using CLI

Greetings all,

As mailbox admins we often get questions like “Is this mailbox still in use?”. This is okay to search for in the webinterface if it concerns 1 mailbox, but sometimes we get this question for a number of domains with a lot of accounts. That becomes a little time consuming.

Things we generally look at are the message count and recent logins.

We figured out how to get the folder/message count this way

<#> update domain
<domain#> scan account alrik

But the web interface has this really useful information called “Last Login Detailed Info” about the last logins through IMAP, POP3 or Webmail. I would love to be able to script that to make small reports I can send to our clients.

Any ideas?

Best regards,
Alrik van Eijkelenborg
The Netherlands.

Nevermind, found the script on your website.