Mail list v.s. Group

I am puzzled, what exactly is the difference between setting up a mail list v.s setting up a group? Especially if all the members to be selected for either a mail list or a group, come from a larger mail list?

For either a mail list, or a group, how does the administrator select and set up moderators? How do moderators interact with postings from users? How do they approve or deny a posting. There doesn’t seem to be much documentation about moderating postings, if there is could someone send me a pointer?

I run a mail list for our neighborhood association, and a subset of these members serve on our board. I have set up a separate mail list for the board members to use to communicate with each other also, but I would also like to allow any member of our neighborhood to be able to send (moderated) a message to the board members. But board member communications should not be sent to the general neighborhood membership. How do I accomplish this in Axigen?

Thanks for any help answering my questions, in advance. Marc…


A group works similar to an alias, in the sense that the messages sent to the group address are redirected to the group members. A group does not have an associated mailbox and it does not store messages sent to the group. There is no moderation functionality for a group.

On the other hand, a mailing list has a mailbox associated to it and it stores messages sent to the mailing list in the associated mailbox. In also allows moderation.

Moderators are users in the same domain which are able to access the mailing list’s mailbox via the sharing functionality as presented in the KB article from:

If moderation is enabled for the mailing list, the moderators approve messages by moving them from the Pending folder to the Inbox folder as presented in the KB article from:

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