Migrate from old 10.1.4 server to another machine with latest version

We are using an old Axigen version 10.1.4 in our machine and we decided that the time has come to make the change. We want to move the entire installation from the old machine to a new one. On the destination machine we want to have the latest Axigen version. Is there a document with the steps that needs to be followed in order to achieve this migration with upgrade?
I think the basic lines are:

  1. install and configure the Axigen on the new machine
  2. export domains, users and emails from old install
  3. import domain, users and email in new install

But, there are some questions related to this plan.
How can I handle this two installation from the licensing point of view?
I have 10 domains and the number of users is around 500 with 4Tb in emails.
How can I move the domains with the users and emails from one installation to the other?

I am writing here because I strongly believe that I’m not the first person who’s going to perform this operation and maybe I can avoid some mistakes.

Any input is very much appreciated!
Thank you in advance.

before you upgrade the version please sure that the new version is compatible with your license.
Here are the steps:
1- In the new server install Axigen 10.1.4, then stop Axigen service.
2- config firewall of the new server.
3- in the old server stop axigen service.
4- Transfer all files in Axigen Working Directory (contain domain storages) from old server to new one.
NOTE: If you are running axigen on Linux run below command:
chown -R axigen:axigen [//axigen/working/directory]
5- Configure your router to route incoming requests of port 25 to the new server.
6- start axigen service of the new server.
7- login to Axigen webadmin and check all related filters are started
8- check your domains and make sure all of them are started and send and receive a test email to be sure that no email is stuck in the queue.
9- download axigen 10.2, install and check the services and filters
10- download axigen 10.3, install and check the services and filters


please sure that your license is compatible with the new version Otherwise axigen service will not start after installation on new server.
if you didn’t renew your license I insist before start the transfer, apply your license to new server and sure the axigen service is started.


I do have a question.

Rather than doing upgrade from version to version.
Can I setup the new server to have
the latest version,
create the domains with total number of storage
and after copy the whole directory of axigen except for (run, que, log, webmail, webadmin, reports)?

Is these steps would work?

I didn’t test it before, and maybe you will have problem with storage versions.
In theory I think storages must upgraded version to version.
Contact to support about this.