Unsubscribe list

I am trying to create an unsubscribe list so it will be inserted into the emails header by following this article and this one, but I am not having any success with it.

My Mailing List is named Unsubscribe and I checked the boxes as per the articles mentioned above, but I still don’t have the list in the emails header.
Is there something more that needs to be done to achieve this?



Based on your description, I assume your intention is to automate subscription and unsubscription from a mailing list- please confirm. If this is correct, please note the procedure can be performed via e-mail only, i.e. by sending an email message to yourmailinglist-subscribe@yourdomain.tld or yourmailinglist-unsubscribe@yourdomain.tld.

However, it is not clear what exactly you need to insert in the email headers and why - could you please elaborate on this subject in order to better understand your requirement?

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