Updating the Docker image

Good morning,

The latest non-beta Docker image is version, but the current version seems to be The image was updated two years ago. Only beta images of 10.4 have been updated since.

There doesn’t appear to be a way to directly update because the admin interface just prompts me to download the Linux version zip. It seems like it would be asking for trouble to use the zip to update the running Docker image due to possibilities like an unintended rollback or unsupported configuration in the event the container is rebuilt or updated.

What is the best/safest process for updating the Docker Axigen version to current stable?


Hello Karl,

In order to update the Docker image to the latest version, you may follow the steps described on:


Thanks. Support sent me that same link, and I was able to get it updated. Kudos to them on getting me the answer via email in 15 minutes!