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Premium, scalable mail server for Telcos, ISPs, Hosting Providers, and more.

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Axigen gives us a product that competes with the best in today’s market, their support gives us the confidence that issues that come up will be swiftly dealt with and resolved, and their development speed gives us knowledge that we will continue to compete into the future with new improvements and features.

Bradley Silverman, Senior Technical Operations

Turn Your Email Hosting Service Into a Source of Revenue and Growth

Make email hosting services a core product in your portfolio with Axigen’s mail server software and expert assistance. With over 15 years of experience in driving customer success for Telcos, ISPs, Hosting Providers, and more, we’ve built a fully-featured and customizable mail server platform designed to give your business the tools, power, and support needed to scale.


Fast, stable, and flexible system for maximum uptime no matter the region.


100% secure reception, transit, and delivery of email, with a fully-featured security stack for your confidential data.

Digital Sovereignity

With Axigen, you own and control your data, secure your users’ privacy, and ensure compliance with privacy laws and regulations.


Comes with powerful APIs and hooks so you can integrate it and extend it, on the admin and end-user side.


Flexible team and adaptable architecture supporting full custom development, so we can tailor our product to your needs.


Easily scalable and proven to work in bare-metal, virtualized, or cloud-native environments, be it in your data center or private / public clouds.


Ready-to-deploy email solution, so you can focus on your clients instead of wasting resources on developing in-house email.

Expert Assistance

Dev-led team of support experts ready to assist you 24x7 and help you navigate beyond implementation towards your goals.


An email software that can be fully white-labeled and adapted to keep your brand on top, with managed services available on-demand.

Our Solutions

For Service Providers

ISPs / Telcos / Hosting Providers

Offer your customers secure, business-level email hosting with various value added services. An excellent solution for SPs, suitable for thousands to millions of users.

ISP Messaging

For MSPs

Managed Service Providers

Acquire new customers by offering a premium email server solution with a high degree of flexibility. Scale up or down as needed and automate it within your existing infrastructure.

MSP Messaging

Not a Service Provider? Check out our business mail server or free mail server, or get in touch for EDU / GOV pricing.

Next Level Web Clients

Manage your email and get stuff done easily with calendars, tasks, or notes. Enjoy desktop usability in your browser via keyboard navigation and shortcuts, drag-and-drop, “live” conversation list view, filters, individual blacklist / whitelist, and more.

Live WebMail Demo

24x7 Developer-Led Customer Success Team

Axigen is a product, team, and services combination that works with you and for you, side by side to empower you and help your business stand out.

Our committed developer-led customer support and success team takes your business goals and makes sure that the implementation goes smoothly.

You Will Never Wonder Who to Talk to or When

Our customer success reps come armed with advanced technical knowledge so you can navigate any issue you have together and solve it in record time.

Simply in Control

Manage day-to-day server operations via Axigen's comprehensive WebAdmin — designed for optimized navigability, with quick links and contextual help. Automate your Linux mail server's administration and provisioning using the Command Line Interface (CLI) and the dedicated APIs.

Live WebAdmin Demo