Cluster Context

Axigen Administration via CLI

The commands available for the CLI context are:

  • EXIT/QUIT - exits CLI and closes connection to Axigen
  • HELP - prints this help message
  • BACK - cancels any changes made and switches back to the previous context
  • COMMIT - commits the changes made in this context
  • SHOW [ATTR <param>] - shows information about this context

  • SHOW STATUS - Show cluster database statistics

  • SHOW configSynchronizer <configSynchronizerName> - Display current status of a synchronization job

  • SET runMode <standAlone|frontEnd|backEnd> - set current machine running mode in cluster

  • SET clusterKey <string> - Set the key used to identify machines belonging to the same cluster

  • LIST backendAddresses - List inet addresses of backend machines in cluster

  • LIST frontendAddresses - List inet addresses of frontend machines in cluster

  • LIST userMap cache - List entries in user map cache

  • LIST hostDefinition cache - List entries in host definition cache

  • LIST configSynchronizers - List registered cluster configuration synchronizing jobs

  • ADD backendAddress <inetAddress> - Add a machine to backends list

  • ADD frontendAddress <inetAddress> - Add a machine to frontends list

  • REMOVE backendAddress <inetAddress> - Remove a machine from backends list

  • REMOVE frontendAddress <inetAddress> - Remove a machine from frontends list

  • UPDATE userMap cache [userAddres [userAddress...]] - Update entries in user map cache

  • UPDATE hostDefinition cache [hostAddress [hostAddress...]] - Update entries in host definition cache

  • UPDATE config <configSynchronizerName> - Push local configuration to all cluster nodes