Configuring the Default Branding

Axigen Documentation

Starting with Axigen X2, admins have the possibility to customize the WebMail & WebAdmin interfaces to display your own brand name and logo.

The branding can be applied to both the login pages and the authenticated contexts.

The WebMail branding can be overridden at domain level by individually branding each domain.

When Configuring server-wide Branding, the admins have the possibility to configure:

  • a brand name

  • WebMail branding artifacts

    • WebMail Favicon

    • WebMail Logo

    • Standard WebMail Logo

    • Mobile WebMail Logo

  • WebAdmin branding artifacts

    • WebAdmin Favicon

    • WebAdmin Logo

All logos have two settings:

  • one for the un-authenticated context (the Login Pages)

  • one for the authenticated context