Performing a new installation

Axigen Outlook Connector Manual

Step 1: Connector description

The install wizard guides you through each stage of the setup process. To run the wizard, double-click the "Axiolk" executable file. This will prompt the wizard welcome window, telling you which version of Axigen Outlook Connector you are going to install. Click "Next" to start installing.

Step 2: License info

The second step consists in reading and agreeing to the Axigen Outlook Connector license terms. After you read the important information contained in the End-User License Agreement (EULA), click "I Agree" to start the actual installation process or "Cancel" to quit installing the connector. You can also click "Back" to return to the welcome window.

Step 3: The install progress

If you agree to the product EULA, Axigen Outlook Connector will be installed. A new wizard window will show the performed actions and the installation progress bar. You can click "Cancel" to quit the install process at anytime.

Step 4: Completing the installation

If the installation is successful you will be presented with the screen below. To create an Outlook profile, click "Next" or click "Cancel" to skip this step.

If you upgrade from an older version of Outlook Connector, please keep in mind that in order to preserve your previous Outlook account settings, you can choose 'Cancel' and your existing profile will be used.