Working in offline mode

Axigen Outlook Connector Manual

Axigen Outlook Connector supports working in offline mode, meaning that you don't have to be connected to the server in order to access and manage emails, contacts or groupware and collaboration items (calendar, tasks, notes, journal entries, etc.) from MS Outlook.

The "Work online / Work offline" button has the same functionality as with any email client:

  • if the connection to the server is present:
    • if you set "work offline" - no more synchronization is performed;
    • if you set "work online" - synchronization is performed;
  • if the connection to the server is lost:
    • Outlook enters in "work online - not connected" and retries to connect (sync) until the connection is up;
    • if you set it to "work offline", no more synchronization is performed.

All changes performed in offline mode are automatically synchronized with the Axigen mail server once the access to the network is restored.