Charts Are Not Properly Displayed after Upgrade

After performing an upgrade from older versions to the latest Axigen release, the charts do not function as expected.


   In Axigen Mail Server version 6.2.1 there have been significant changes made to the Reporting and Charts sections:

- The reporting service now collects and reports information on 3 administration levels: server, domain and account.

- Activity representation charts have been improved in terms of timeframe, style, logarithmic scale, zooming.

- The collected information is now exported in the XML and CSV formats.

 As such charts that were defined in previous versions of Axigen will not be compatible with the new internal structures for the corresponding service.

   To solve this issue you will have to delete the old charts and recreate them using the new options available in the wizard available in Webadmin -> Status & Monitoring -> Charts section -> Add Chart button.
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