How to Add an Extra Message Storage

This article describes how to add an extra storage via the Webadmin interface when the maximum capacity of the existing storage was reached.

Issue cause

Messages are stuck in the queue and can't be delivered because the message storage is full.


When the maximum capacity of the existing storage(s) was reached an extra message storage must be added.

An extra storage is necessary when the size of the folder containing the specific domain data reaches 32GB. Also, messages such as "Unable to write data"  or "Unable to open message container" can be found in the Axigen log file.

 "unable to write data" messages are encountered also, when there is no free disk space left on the partition where the Axigen storage is mounted on.

More details regarding the Axigen storage can be found in our online documentation by referring to the Storage Chapter.

Please find bellow the steps to follow in order to add an extra message storage via the Webadmin interface:

  • Log in to the Webadmin interface using the administrative credentials
  • Open the "Manage Domains" page under "Domains & Accounts" context
  • Click on "Edit" for the domain you wish to add the storage to
  • Open the "Storage" tab
  • Scroll down to "Message Storage:" section and click the "Add Location" button
  • In the text box of the new message storage enter the path to the new message storage location. This path and filename should respect the pattern set by the previous message storage(s) in regards to path and filenaming.
  • Click on "Save Configuration"
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