How to Back up Axigen Without the FTP Service

This article describes how to perform a full backup of the Axigen Mail Server using only filesystem tools.


Using this approach, only a full backup can be performed. If only part of the information needs to be backed up, the FTP Backup service available in the product should be used.

The Axigen service has to be stopped before the files are backed up to prevent any possible data corruption.

The backup procedure is quite simple and involves saving the contents of the Axigen working directory to a safe location while the Axigen service is in a stopped state. The working directory is:

  • /var/opt/axigen — for Linux systems
  • C:\Program Files\Axigen Mail Server — for Windows systems

The queue folder inside the working directory is only a temporary location for undelivered messages. You should not save it unless you know you require it.

The files can be saved and compressed as needed, to any location.

OS: LinuxWindows
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