How to Backup User Settings Only Using FileZilla.

How could only the domain and account settings be backed up without the messages themselves ?


In order to backup all of the domain's and account's preferences using the FileZilla ftp client without the messages themselves we will make use of a feature in the client that allows one to save only specific files based on their name.

After starting FileZilla, please take the following steps to configure a rule that will cause FileZilla to retrieve all the files and directories if they do not contain the ".msg" string which is the extension of a mail file in the virtual ftp directory:

- Start the FileZilla ftp client.
- Click the View menu.
- Click the Filter filenames... menu item.
- Click the Edit filter rules... button.
- Click the New button.
- Type a suggestive name for the new rule. (ex.: axi_datafiles_only)
- Click the Add more button.
- Select the Filename matches regex condition.
- In the condition's text field type .*.msg so that the condition will read: Filename matches regex .*.msg
- Configure the Filter applies to: setting for files only (we aren't interested in directory names).
- Click the Ok button to save the new rule.
- In the Remote filter names: pane check the new rule in order to enable it.
- Click the Ok button to close the Filename filters configuration window.

Please ensure that the filename rule is disabled after the backup operation in order to not interfere with subsequent backup operations that may require a broader filename scope.

Perform the backup operation as usual.
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