How to Compact the Axigen Storage via CLI

This article contains the procedure required to compact the Axigen storage when space on disk is inefficiently used.


The Status & Monitoring → Storing Charts tab from the WebAdmin interface allows you to view graphical charts of the Axigen mail server space usage for both overall storage and per domain storage.

The storage charts indicate the exact space that is allocated and occupied on the disk, for the Axigen storage. 

It can be observed under the storage chart the following line:

"The storage size on disk will automatically grow to its maximum configured expandable size, provided the disk has enough free space"

This means that the respective storage size, shown in the chart is not the maximum allowed, but only the currently allocated size and the used size of that allocated space. If these two are almost the same Axigen uses almost as much space as it is allocated. If needed, Axigen will dynamically increase the allocated disk space until it reaches the maximum allowed storage size for each domain. By default this is 32 GB and is generally configured at domain creation.

The above method for allocating the disk space and occupying it accordingly, is used by Axigen, in order to ensure an effective disk usage, as Axigen doesn't need the full allowed size for a domain from the beginning. As such the disk space will be allocated as the domain grows and email number (used space) increases.

The maximum allowed size is shown in Webadmin, Domains & AccountsManage Domains → click "Edit" for the desired domain → Storage tab → Storage Locations section → Total Message Storage Size.

As presented above, if the "Used space in storage" and "Storage size on disk" values are almost the same, the related percentage will be between 90% to 100%, it will indicate that Axigen uses almost all the information that is written on the disk, meaning the disk space usage is efficient.

If the percentage is lower than 75%, is recommended to reclaim the respective space by compacting the storage.

Compacting the Storage for the "example.test" domain

1. Log into the CLI using the Telnet application

telnet 7000


2. Enter the administrative username

<login> user admin


3. Enter the password

<password> your_admin_password


4. Select the domain for that you want to compact the storage

<#> update domain name example.test


5. Start the compact procedure

<domain#> COMPACT All forced


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