How to Deal with the "File Too Large" Error When Restoring a Full Domain Backup on Windows Using Windows Explorer

When trying to copy / paste (restore) – using Windows Explorer – a full domain backup folder and files to the Windows Axigen Mail Server using the "File System Access" module, a pop-up window displays the following error: "The file 'folder name' is too large for the destination file system".

Issue cause

The virtual file system is not fully compatible with Windows Explorer.


Due to compatibility issues, when trying to use Windows Explorer to copy / paste multiple files and folders – in a mounted virtual file system – to the root folder of an Axigen domain, you can encounter errors like the one below:

In order to avoid this type of problem, the restore process may be completed using other software to restore the backup folders and files, like the Robust File Copy (Robocopy) Windows utility.

To execute robocopy, open the windows shell or press the Windows + R keys to open the windows command line, then enter cmd.exe to open the command prompt (run as Administrator).

In the command prompt, enter a command line similar to:

robocopy.exe <C:\Backup Folder of the domain> <fuse mount point> /E

For example:

robocopy C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\backup Y: /E

A sample output:

OS: Windows
Distros: Windows