How to Enforce Password Policies for Accounts Hosted on the AXIGEN Mail Server

How to enforce password policies for accounts hosted on the AXIGEN Mail Server


1. By enabling the administrator with the means of enforcing restrictions on the format of user passwords in AXIGEN a higher level of security can be reached. As a general rule, this restriction can be applied at the Domain/Account/Account Class level thus permitting adjustments as suited to your existing implementation needs.

2.Activating the rules at the Domain level, access from the WebAdmin interface -> Domains & Accounts -> Manage Domains -> Edit on the Account Defaults context -> Quotas and Restrictions section make sure to enable the Enable Password Policy enforcement. You can select the needed criteria for creating the password string such as password length and format (letters/letters and numbers/letters, numbers and special characters)
After implementing the needed criteria, make sure to Save configuration.

The same rules can be enforced:
- at the Account level from WebAdmin -> Domains & Accounts -> Manage Accounts -> selecting the corresponding domain and EDIT on the needed account -> Quotas and Restrictions context.
For saving these new policies, make sure to also select Save configuration.

- for Account Classes the actions can be enforced from WebAdmin -> Domains & Accounts -> Account Classes -> selecting the corresponding domain and EDIT on the needed Account Class -> Quotas and Restrictions context.
Implementing such changes should be followed by Save configuration.

At this point, when a user will create a new password via the WebMail interface the new password will only be validated if the defined criteria is matched.
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