How to Integrate ClamAV with AXIGEN on Windows

This article shows how to integrate ClamAV with AXIGEN in a Windows environment.


In order to filter messages with ClamAV (Windows version)  please follow these steps:

 1. Install  ClamAV  version for Windows and start ClamAV.
Official ClamAV website:
 2. Verify that ClamAV service is accepting requests for scanning on port 3310.
Follow these steps in order to do so:
   - Start -> Run -> type "cmd" and hit "OK"
   - in the command prompt window type: netstat -an   - if you can find the following line:
 TCP   LISTENINGit means that ClamAV was properly installed and is accepting connections from Axigen.

 3. Login via Webadmin interface and navigate to Security & Filtering -> Antivirus & Antispam -> click "Enable" for the ClamAV filter.
Please note that you should now see the "Available" status near ClamAV filter.

 4.  In order to test ClamAV please read this article.

Note: You should keep the antivirus database up-to-date in order to keep your email clean. Please refer to ClamAV official site for maintaining ClamAV.

Note: In order to run ClamAV as a service in Windows please refer to this article from the Microsoft knowledgebase.
OS: Windows