How to Recover a Domain from Accidental Deletion

This article describes the procedure to recover a domain after deletion.

Issue cause

A directory with the same name already exists!


When a domain is deleted via the WEBADMIN interface it is not physically deleted from the hard disk and can be restored.

Bellow are the steps for recovering a domain from an accidental deletion:

- login via the CLI interface:
telnet <AXIGEN IP ADDRESS> 7000
<login> user admin
<password> ******

issue the following commands in order to restore a domain. We will use for exemplification the domain.test which was deleted and it's location on the hard disk is under the /var/opt/axigen/domains folder.

<#> REGISTER Domain domainLocation /var/opt/axigen/domains/domain.test
<domain-register#> commit
<#> save config
<#> quit

NOTE: For Windows platforms the path to the domain location should be as bellow:

"C:/Program Files/Axigen Mail Server/domains/domain.test"
Please note the double quotes (") and the slash character (/) instead of the backslash (), usually used on a Windows platform to indicate the path.

OS: LinuxWindowsFreeBSDNetBSDOpenBSDSolaris
Distros: WindowsDEB based distros amd64FreeBSD 7.x