How to Redirect a Message to the Same User on Another Mail Server and Also Keep a Local Copy

This article provides a solution for the following situation: you need to redirect all messages to the same user on a different mail server and also deliver the message locally to the user.


The rule bellow provides an answer to the following scenario:  you want to have a second mail server as a backup for the user data. In some of the situations, when the primary mail server fails you will be able to replace it quickly, with this backup mail server.

In order to define the rule login to the Webadmin interface and navigate to:
 Security & Filtering -> Acceptance & Routing -> Advanced Settings
and add a new rule:

  1.  Type a suggestive name for the rule
  2.  In the Conditions area leave:
       Match any email message
    or you can add conditions to match only the desired messages.
  3.  In the Actions area select:
       Recipients - Add Recipient  -
                         a) Name:         %currentRcptLocalPart%@[IP or domain]                      b) Folder:         leave empty
  4. Repeat step 3. if necessary.

Note: %currentRcptLocalPart% will expand to the local part of the recipient address. For example if Axigen receives a message for axigen_user@localDomain.tld the variable will expand to axigen_user.
Note: [IP or domain] - replace this with one of the following:
  • IP address of the remote server; the IP must be enclosed between square brackets: [a.b.c.d]
  • domain name if you need to send the message to the same user but a different domain and you do not know the IP address. Axigen will use the DNR service to resolve the domain name.
OS: LinuxWindowsFreeBSDNetBSDOpenBSDSolaris
Distros: WindowsDEB based distros amd64FreeBSD 7.x