How to Register a Domain Location into AXIGEN

How to register a domain location into AXIGEN


Registering a domain location into the AXIGEN Mail Server can be done via the built-in CLI module in the following manner. Assuming that the default configuration of the CLI module is set to bind on the localhost address on TCP port 7000, an example on how to register a domain location can be:

telnet 7000
<login> user admin
<password> your_admin_password
<#> REGISTER Domain domainLocation /var/opt/axigen/domains/
<domain-register#> commit
<#> save config
<#> exit

In the above example, our domain is named and the domain location on the disk is /var/opt/axigen/domains/
Prior to registering any domain in the manner presented, make sure that the permissions are set such as the user axigen is the owner of that location, including all subfolders and existing files.
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