How to Set the Admin Password

How to set the AXIGEN admin password.

Issue cause

The AXIGEN admin password is not set.


1. Using command line
Stop the server if it is started. Run axigen only with -A (or --admin-passwd) option and then start the server.


For Linux version:
/path/to/axigen/binary/axigen -A new_password_here

For Windows version via the command prompt:
C:\> cd path\to\axigen.exe\file
C:\> axigen.exe --console -A new_password_here
In order to access command prompt go to Start -> Run -> type "cmd" and press OK.

NOTE: The password can be used only with "admin" username.
NOTE: The -A option doesn't start the server.

2. Using the CLI interface

In order to set the admin password, you must login into the CLI interface and enter the following commands:
CHANGE password oldPassword <pass> newPassword <pass>

No server restart is needed, and the new password will be taken under consideration, immediately.
OS: LinuxWindows