How to configure SSL settings

How to configure the SSL-releated settings in the AXIGEN Mail Server.


AXIGEN Mail Server supports SSL connections for all its TCP based modules (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Webmail). There are several ways to use a SSL encrypted connection:

  Using a secure (SSL) socket
Clients can connect on secure ports for each service. Default protocol secure ports are:
995 POP3S

In order to create a secure socket in Axigen, you must create a listener, on the corresponding port for the specific service you want to secure. Login into Webadmin, and go to the desired service's context (Webadmin -> Services -> specific service). Press the 'Add listener' button and make the following settings:
- type the IP of the network interface on which you want the listener to be bound, and the corresponding port, according to the list above.
- press the 'Quick Add'  button.
- click 'Edit' for this new created listener
- switch to the 'SSL Settings' tab
- check ' Enable SSL for this listener'
- set 'Path to certificate file' to point to the default certificate created during the Axigen installation. Depending on the operating system, the appropriate values are:
      '/var/opt/axigen/axigen_cert.pem' for Linux and Solaris
      '/var/axigen/axigen_cert.pem' for BSD
      'C:\Program Files\Axigen Mail Server\axigen_cert.pem' for Windows
- press the 'Save Configuration' button

Applies to
Releases: Axigen 6.2.xAxigen 7..x
OS: LinuxWindowsFreeBSDOpenBSDNetBSDSolaris