How to configure Webmail virtual hosts

Is there a way to have separate login pages for each domain on the server, instead of the drop down option?


Starting with Axigen release version 6.2.X a new feature was implemented regarding the Webmail service that allows a server Administrator to configure per domain virtual hosts, similar to the virtual hosts feature of the Apache web server.

This feature allows the option of using the Webmail facility by entering the url of the respective domain in scenarios were multiple independent domains are hosted on the same Axigen server. Before this feature was implemented, all the users were required to access the same url in order to use the Webmail facility regardless of the domain they were part of.

In order to configure the Webmail service to use this feature please follow the steps outlined below:

- Login to the Webadmin interface.
- Click the Services button found in the left pane.
- Click the Webmail service.
- Scroll to the Virtual Hosts Template Mapping section.
- Click the Add mapping button.
- Enter the domain name in the Virtual host field.
- Enter a  Webmail template name in the Template name field. This can be an arbitrary value since the Webmail template will be created later. We recommend on using the domain name for this field also.
- Click the Quick add button.
- Click the Save configuration button.

Repeat the steps detailed above for all the domains that require this feature. Please note that for domains which do not have a virtual host defined the Webmail service will use the default template, no error will be generated.

Now we will finish the configuration required by creating the Webmail templates for each domain that has a virtual host defined. This process, essentialy, involves copying the default template for each defined virtual host.

Copy the <working_directory>/webmail/default directory to <working_directory/webmail/<template_name>.

Repeat the above step for each virtual host defined.

By using separate templates for each virtual host, allows per domain customizations of the Webmail interface.

The Axigen default <working_directory> differs depending on the operating system used, please complete the path of the Axigen directory above with the ones corresponding to your operating system found below:

- Linux/Solaris: /var/opt/axigen
- All BSD operating systems: /var/axigen
- Windows operating system: C:Program FilesAxigen Mail Server

The <template_name> should be replaced with the Template name field value in the virtual host configuration.
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