How to enable a relay server / smarthost for an Axigen server

Messages have to be sent through another mail server to reach their destination


1. Log into the webadmin interface as the "admin" account.

2. Then go to "Security & Filtering" -> "Acceptance & Routing" -> "Routing Basic Settings".

3. On that page, make sure the check-box in front of "Enable smart host delivery via" is selected and the "Host/IP" and "Port" fields contain the values appropriate for the smarthost.

If you are unsure about the port number, you can use "25" as it is the standard port used by the SMTP protocol.

4. Click the "Save configuration" button to apply the changes.

5. If your smarthost uses authentication too, select the check-box in front of "Authenticate using" and enter the username and password required.

6. Click the "Save configuration" button to apply the changes.
Applies to
Releases: Axigen 6..xAxigen 6.1.x
OS: LinuxWindowsFreeBSDOpenBSDNetBSDSolaris
Distros: RPM based distrosRPM based distros with gcc3RPM based distros with gcc4SlackwareDEB based distrosUbuntuGentooFreeBSD 8 amd64NetBSD 3.0OpenBSD 3.8WindowsOpenBSD 3.9Solaris 10 x86FreeBSD 6.1Mandriva LinuxDEB based distros with gcc4Yellow DogSolaris 10 SPARCDEB based distros amd64FreeBSD 6.xOpenBSD 4.1SLES PPCOpenBSD 4.2