How to forward the messages for an account and keep a local copy

This article explains step by step instructions about how to configure forwarding all the messages to an external address and also keep a local copy of them, using WebMail filters


This procedure is fairly easy to accomplish and involves using only the Webmail interface. After logging in the desired account using the Webmail interface click on the 'Settings' link found in the upper right corner then click on the 'Click here to edit your filters' link found in the 'Filters' section and on the 'Create filter' button.

We now are in the filter creation wizard which helps us to create the new filter. In the 'Name' field write the desired name for that filter, in the 'Matches' section delete the default created match to allow the filter to process all the received messages, in the 'Actions' section first we create an action that copies the received message in the account's Inbox folder by selecting the action 'Copy to' and the folder 'Inbox', last we create the action that forwards the message to another account by selectcting the action 'Forward to' and by completing the e-mail address that you want to forward to in the adiacent field.
Click on the 'Save changes' button to save and apply the filter.

Note that you are not limited to one forward only, you can send the same message to many recipients at once using the method described above, by adding multiple 'Forward to' actions.
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