How to publish events using Apple Calendar on Mac OS X

This article describes how to publish your Axigen calendar using the Apple Calendar app (iCal)


  • If you publish an iCal calendar to an existing Axigen calendar, all the events on the Axigen calendar are deleted and replaced by events from the iCal calendar.
  • If you publish an iCal calendar to Axigen and then make changes to the published version in Axigen WebMail Interface / Axigen Outlook Connector / ActiveSync, next time you publish from iCal, those changes will be deleted.
  1. Create a new calendar by going to File -> New Calendar -> On My Mac and enter a name for this Calendar (e.g. Axigen)
  2. Right click on the newly created calendar and hit "Publish"
  3. Use "Calendar" for the "Publish calendar as:" parameter
  4. The base URL should be:

    http://<your_server_address>/ical/folder(when using an unsecure connection




https://<your_server_address>/ical/folder(when using a secure (SSL) connection)

    Note: the SSL certificate should be valid
  5. Enter the user name and password

  6. Check the following options:
    • Publish changes automatically
    • Publish titles and notes
    • Publish to do items
Applies to
Releases: Axigen 9..x