How to relay messages from the local machine using the sendmail binary if the sender's domain does not exist in Axigen

In the default configuration, Axigen will deny the relay for messages sent via the sendmail binary when the sender's domain does not exist in Axigen.
This article describes how to allow relay for such messages.


For example, when using a command similar to the one below:

echo test message | mailx -r someone@somedomain.local -s test userX@domain.test

if the sender's domain, somedomain.local, does not exist in Axigen, the relay will be denied. You will find in the log a message similar to the one below:

550 Relay denied for <domain.test>

In order to allow the relay, a rule that allows unauthenticated relay from the address will be created, as below:

  • navigate into the Webadmin interface to Security & Filtering -> Acceptance & Routing -> Routing Basic Settings -> 'Allow / Disallow relaying' section
  • in the 'Exceptions' sub-section click the 'Add IP / Range' button
  • in the combo box next to 'Add exception for' select 'Single IP'
  • in the 'IP' textbox type:
  • in the combo box next to 'Allow Delivery' select 'yes'
  • do not tick the checkbox next to 'Require Authentication'
  • click the 'SAVE IP / RANGE' button

The rule will look similar to the screenshot below:

Note: The configuration of the sendmail wrapper included in Axigen is described in the KB article available at

Applies to
Releases: Axigen 8.2.xAxigen 9..x
OS: Linux
Distros: RPM based distrosDEB based distrosRPM based distros x64